Brave Conversations

Brave Conversations began in 2017 and since then has been held around the world with our first online event as part of WebSci20 via Southampton on 6th July, 2020.

We began with the goal of bringing the conversations of Web Science to the public space and since then have worked with communities to explore how technologies are changing their lives, and how they, in turn, are changing those technologies.

In 2022 Brave Conversations will go back to an in-person mode. As a core part of this we will deliberately create a space where everyone can be brave, can say the things that they know need to be said, and be prepared to apply intellectual rigour to challenging ideas that might take us to uncomfortable places.

Brave conversations will be held on Sunday 26th. More information at BC website. It requires registration (Onsite attendance requires registration for the conference or workshops day, while online attendance is open to everyone).

Humans, Values, Technology – Web Science in Practice

“And in today, already walks tomorrow.” – Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Whatever “Covid” is and has been is now part of the fabric of our everyday lives as we emerge in to the 2020s having faced the challenge of the Pandemic saturated world. People have been locked up at home as they would never have imagined; national borders have been slammed shut; and technologies have enabled medical research breakthroughs at unprecedented speeds. 

We have also begun to fully embrace the space between physical and virtual which has changed how we work, play and learn. It has changed our relationships with each other, with our communities and governments and with ourselves.

So what does this mean for humanity and planet as the world struggles to deal with global challenges such as Climate Change and resource depletion? How can we embrace the opportunities of the digital realm whilst responsibly navigating the challenges it presents.

This is the focus of what we will explore at Brave Conversations Barcelona informed by research we are currently supporting with ‘young people to create a better ‘future world.

BC Future Worlds Challenge winners will be invited to participate in Brave Conversations Barcelona which at the 2022 ACM Web Science Conference.

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