A volunteer program has traditionally been run during the previous editions of Web Science Conference and has become an integral part of running each of them. This provides opportunities to attend the conference for FREE in exchange of a small amount of hours of work in supporting the conference.

You can apply to be a volunteer by filling up the Volunteers application page.

Application deadline is Tuesday April 15th. Approvals will be sent.

What is a volunteer?

Volunteers typically are people with an involvement in the World Wide Web, who are interested in experiencing the conference but otherwise, could not afford to attend.

You don’t have to be an expert! Students and enthusiasts work alongside industry professionals. Enthusiasm and interest are important qualities. You must have a good attitude and a love of the web but you definitely don’t need a degree in computer science. The conference is a great place to learn more about web development and authoring but this kind of experience is not particularly relevant to volunteering. 

Various tasks will be assigned, but mostly volunteers will be supporting the speakers in the chat room they are assigned.

Volunteers receive FREE conference registration for the duration of the conference. You will be required to work a fixed number of hours in exchange. There will be a flexible roster system that will allow you to schedule your work commitments and to attend the parts of the conference that interest you.

In addition, this is a great team experience which will give you the opportunity to dive in the backroom of the organization of a scientific conference. If you are thinking about volunteering for the first time, it’s fairly simple.