COVID Measures

For now, COVID restrictions remain low in Spain as the incidence levels are reduced. We will update this page in case new measures are taken. Last updated: 23/05/2022

To all on-site participants:

  • We recommend to test before traveling to Spain and if possible before each conference day to prevent spread during the event (rapid test can be bought in pharmacies at a regulated price).
  • We will ask for mask use inside the Auditorium, preferable N95 or FPP2 type, and recommend you to also mask while travelling and being indoors.
  • In case of symptoms, please consider to not attend the conference – you can always switch to online attendance in case you feel unwell. Please write us to to receive the login details or any further assistance.
  • In case you test positive during the conference the local requirement is that you contact the organizers, so we ask you to inform us via email at We also recommend you to notify those people you have been in close contact with directly. 

Traveling to Spain from abroad

All passengers arriving in Spain by air or sea, including those arriving in transit to other countries, must complete a Health Control Form before departure and obtain their QR to present it at boarding and at health controls on arrival in Spain:

Check, in order to fill in the Health Control Form, if your country of departure is on the list of risk and high risk countries/areas .

If you come from a third country , you must first check if you can travel to Spain in the button: Entry requirements for entry in Spain from third countries .

If you come from a HIGH RISK country, at the health controls on arrival in Spain, you will be required your SpTH QR code together with a vaccination or recovery certificate and, in addittion, a SARS-CoV-2 diagnostic test certificate with a negative result.

More information can be found at the Spanish Travel Health website.

COVID measures in Catalonia

These measure are set until March 31st. It is expected to remain as it but we will update them if there is any change.

Wearing a mask is mandatory for all individuals over six years of age in:

  • Public transport.
  • Pharmacies and Hospitals

Social events and conferences

  • In-person congresses, conventions, trade fairs and similar activities in enclosed spaces require that the minimum ventilation levels set out in the current regulations on thermal installations of buildings be guaranteed.
  • Habitual coexistence groups should be kept as stable as possible.
  • Interpersonal physical safety distance must be maintained.
  • In meetings involving the concentration of people in public spaces, no food or drink may be consumed between 01.00 am and 6.00 am.

Bars and restaurants

  • In interior spaces and terraces a minimum distance of 1.5 metres between table diners or different table groupings must be maintained.
  • Mask-wearing is mandatory while not eating or drinking.
  • Ventilation of enclosed spaces must be ensured by means of natural ventilation or other ventilation systems.
  • Ten people is the recommended maximum number of diners per table or group of tables both indoors and outdoors as well as on terraces, unless they belong to the same social bubble.
  • Dancing may take place in the establishments referred to in this section, including at catered events, with mask.

People with symptoms of COVID-19 must contact the public health service.

More information can be found at the Catalonia website.